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Family  Tours

Fun for everyone on the Family tour as we discover and explore the island’s natural beauty and wildlife. We’ll go around the island stopping at isolated beaches, hidden waterfalls, majestic mountains and looking for Hawaiian monk seals and Green Sea turtles. This tour combines activities and photography for a family of any size and all ages.

We stop for a nice lunch.

At the end of the day you will have had a new adventure – discovering local places, learning photography, and Oahu’s culture and history while enjoying a family day together.

What People Say About Us

“Great time on the Private Tour”
We booked a private family tour. My husband really likes photography and I use my iPhone for snapshots of the family. My oldest boy, 8 years old, has a lot of energy so we didn’t want to get on a big bus. So we talked to Marie and asked for a tour that would have photography, hiking and swimming. She picked us up in the morning at our hotel and we had an amazing fun filled day. The best part of our week in Oahu. Mahalo. – Kathy, United States

Call to schedule and discuss your family’s private tour

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Private Tours

We design the tour to your interests. You tell us what you want to see and do. Great for groups with similar interests. We are professional local photographers, naturalists and guides who will listen to you and then create a special custom tour. We specialize in “No-Rush” Tours. We know the island and can take you to places very few people know about – there are easy to medium hikes to incredible waterfalls, swimming at an almost deserted beach, or perhaps you would like to do some cultural exploring…then we show you old Hawaii. Any of our regular tours can be converted to a private tour.

Some special interest subjects include:

– Cultural and Sacred places
– Historic churches
– Downtown Chinatown and markets
– Architecture
– Vistas, tropical forests, waterfalls
– Botanical Gardens
– Hula, Mermaid and/or Fire Dancer

We have Private Tours with Portraits. This is a private tour combined with us taking photos of you in several locations around the island. Perfect combo for honeymooners and families. Call for details and pricing.

What People Say About Us

“The BEST way to see Hawaii… and to keep seeing it when you get home!”
I am a documentary filmmaker from Australia and I have nothing but praise for Blue Hawaii Photo Tours. I came to Oahu to pursue a film project inspired by the famous Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku, who, in 1915 gave a surfing demonstration at Sydney’s Freshwater beach – an event widely celebrated as the birth of surfing Down Under. I hired Marie Turner from Blue Hawaii Photo Tours as a location scout to get some classic Hawaiian shots for my film. Marie arranged an excellent tour, which included a visit to a breathtaking waterfall on private property (talk about off the beaten track!) – we had the whole area to ourselves, there were no tourists and no crowds, just perfect photo and filming opportunities! Marie is very knowledgeable and took me to the best locations for sunrise and sunset as well as sites of significance in Hawaiian history and culture. She has a beautiful new clean van filled with professional equipment and imparts her technical expertise with clarity and enthusiasm. I learnt a lot and had so much fun!
As a result of hiring Marie, I was able to not only capture excellent footage for my film but also have an authentic Hawaiian experience. I cannot recommend her services highly enough so will conclude by saying… book a tour! You will LOVE it!  – Jemma, Australia

Call us to talk about the possibilities.


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Special Services for Professional Photographers

As professional photographers ourselves we understand being in the right place at the right time. We are available to assist you in locations for your project and in handling any logistics.  If you need a boat, helicopter with the doors off, special rigging or an underwater housing for your photo or video shoot we can assist you. We have experience in assisting National Geographic Photographers in getting the shot. We got you covered.

Call for pricing. 1-808-799-5554