FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Blue Hawaii Photo Tours offers a unique opportunity to break away from the typical tourist experience, create stunning photographs, and create a connection with Oahu and the Hawaiian culture.

Q. Is this tour only for experienced photographers?

A. No. All skill levels can enjoy the tours. Each tour is educational and we teach you how to get great photographs with whatever camera you have…even if it’s an iphone, ipad or Android device. Experienced photographers will appreciate the off-the-beaten path locations.

Q. Do you rent cameras?

A. We do have some cameras and lenses available for rent. For more rental options contact Pro Camera Hawaii or Hawaii Camera Rental. They are located close to Waikiki for easy pickup or they will FED EX to your hotel for you. It is not necessary to have a camera to enjoy the tours. Many people come with only mobile phones.

Q. What can I expect from the tour?

We take you to destinations away from the crowds. Your photography guide will take you off the beaten path to beautiful locations. Along the way sharing Hawaiian culture and the history for each site giving you a personal connection and story to accompany your photos.

We give personal photography Instruction. At each stop your guide provides expert tips for creating stunning imagery. This workshop-like experience assists you in transforming your photography skills allowing you to capture your own unique images that tell your personal vacation story.

Whether you use a DSLR, pocket camera or even an iphone we can assist you in creating beautiful photographs. At the end of your photo tour you will have captured breathtaking photographs that will last a lifetime.

Q. What is included in the tour?

A. We provide pick-up and drop-off in Waikiki, professional one on one photography instruction, water, tripods, and umbrellas in case it rains.

Q. What if I’m not staying in Waikiki?

A. We will pick you up at the Ala Moana Hotel. There is free parking at the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Q. What should I bring?

A.   Bring your camera, the manual if you have it, and all lenses. We do have some cameras and lenses available for rent (call
 ahead to reserve). Pocket cameras and mobile phones work too!

Comfortable closed-toed walking shoes. 
Sometimes we have a little mud.

Hat and sunscreen.

A light jacket or sweater.

Lunch money
( about $15 cash ) if you book the Island Tour or the Sunrise + Island Tour.

Sense of adventure.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Sometimes it rains, usually for a short time, but when the sun comes out, that’s when you can catch a rainbow. If it’s going to be raining the entire day we will cancel the tour. Rare.

Q. How many people on the tour?

A. We limited our small groups to 7 people. We would like everyone to be comfortable and be able to spread out in our van and also give you personalized attention. Family tours and private tours can have larger groups if needed.

Q. What is the Cancellation Policy?

A. Reservations must be cancelled no later than 48 hours prior to departure time for a refund.

Q. How much walking is there on the tour?

A. All of our tours have light walking. There is no hiking. However our vans are not wheelchair accessible. Please contact us for a private tour if you are unable to get in or out of a van or have a wheelchair/scooter.